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EncoreHD Barber Guides – 24×36 Barber Posters

24 X36 laminated posters of high quality barber cuts!!!! High quality poster, clear pictures by Larry J. Stephens.

ATTENTION BARBERS AND BARBER/STYLISTS! Here is an addition you need on your wall. Order your EncoreHD Barber Guides! BRAND NEW CUTS ON THESE POSTERS! We have 2 to choose from! They’re BOTH 24″ X 36″. 1st one is Sponsored by Clipperkingzfreemans Barbershop and Russell Chew. TChews Edge Boss!! 2nd one is sponsored by BASIC Products. Order 1 poster for only $15 or BOTH for ONLY $25.


Price: $15.00

Shipping: $10.00

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