EncoreHD Hair Magazine Volunteer Agreement

Today's Date:*
Your Full Name:*
Mobile/Phone Number:
Shoot Date, State, and Lead Coordinator:*

This Agreement, between EncoreHD Hair Magazine and the above named Volunteer (You), in consideration of the mutual covenants and stipulations set out, agree as follows:

  • You agree to assist the above named coordinator in organizing the upcoming Volume 13 photo shoot in the above named city and state on the date of said photo shoot.
  • You do understand that your services are on a voluntary basis only and that you will not receive any monetary compensation from EncoreHD Hair Magazine, LLC. This includes any monies spent out of pocket for additional expenditures; therefore, you will not be eligible for any reimbursements. Any monies that you choose to spend towards costs for the EncoreHD photo shoot will be considered a gift. For this reason, you understand that EncoreHD Hair Magazine has a “petty cash” fund to make provisions for expenses associated with the organization of the photo shoot. EncoreHD will credit in the magazine by way of name and location only.

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