Meet Our Editor

11659496_10203188342069922_6472136963705141916_nLarry J. Stephens, is the Editor In Chief/Publisher of EncoreHD Magazine. Larry received his license as a professional Hair Designer in 1985 from Lively Vocational Technical School in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1987, he enlisted in the Armed Forces. During his tour of duty, he continued his cutting and styling skills while in the Military doing hair and all sorts of services to many members of his unit and others. Also while in the Military, he developed his photography skills and took several photography classes at Central Texas College and took online Adobe classes. He started Imagine Images Photography in 1995 and became known in the central Texas area as “The Picture Man” A In 1999, Larry developed a disability and was Medically retired from the Armed forces. He continued his photography career doing various services: ie, weddings, birthdays, Military events, Concerts, Family portraits, etc. Larry owes a debt of gratitude for many beauty industry professionals in Texas, including: Vicki Lynn Kelley, Charles Hall, Cratina Webb and Carolyn Brown for allowing me full access to her hair shows as her official photographer. This access fully launched Larry into the Beauty Industry as a well known photographer.

In 2006, Larry was hired by another magazine to do photography services. After realizing his full potential, in February 2007, he consulted with two close friends: Vicki Lynn Kelley of Allure Salon and Charles Hall of Excellence Salon & Barber on what they thought about me starting a hair magazine. Receiving their full support, Larry traveled across the state of Texas for an entire year doing market research and drumming up support.

August 18, 2009, EncoreHD Hair Magazine was born. After publishing four issues, an international distribution company, Rider Circulation Services acquired a copy of one of our magazines, to which he received a phone call from this company offering nationwide distribution. Larry signed a five year contract with RCS granting EncoreHD distribution in Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Books A Million, Hastings Bookstores and hundreds of independent newsstands across the country. After a two year period with RCS, Larry was contacted by Curtis Circulation Services (the leading national distributor of magazines in the country). Because of Curtis, EncoreHD is now in over 44 retail chains including the largest bookstore chain in the world, Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Other chains include: Books-A Million, Hastings and newsstands around the country, including The World’s Biggest Book Store in the World in Canada.

Larry has changed the focus of the publication from being a “hair magazine” with just a collage of hairstyles in it to becoming a full blown Hair, Fashion & Lifestyle publication which broadens it’s demographic from being an industry driven to an industry/consumer driven publication. Interesting stories, articles, educational pieces and editorials have been added to the publication.

Larry desires EncoreHD to be a household/industry name; Being on thousands of coffee tables, shelves and magazine racks of homes and businesses all over the world. He vows to be a media juggernaut to the Hair and Fashion Industry providing cutting edge information and education to it’s readers.

Larry’s drive and determination (in the very near future) will land EncoreHD globally. He desires to take those who have believed in his vision along with him.

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