[Movie Review] Big Hero 6


From the animated film dynasty that is the Walt Disney Animation studios, comes it’s latest project Big Hero 6, loosely based on the Marvel comic series of the same name. Big Hero 6 tells the story of an orphan named Hiro, a robotics genius who lives with his aunt Cass and his older brother Tadashi (also a robotics genius who works with a team of scientists who use their gifts to make scientific advancements for a better world.)

After Tadashi is killed in an explosion, Hiro loses all hope and sinks into depression. That is until he rediscovers one of his brother’s old creations Baymax, a super advanced, inflatable, medical bot who can diagnosis any medical problem there is. Soon after though, both Hiro and Baymax have a run in with a mysterious figure who can telekinetically control a large amount of micro bots to do his bidding. In seeing the kind of threat this figure poses, they seek to stop him. With the help of the genius crew who once worked with Hiro’s older brother Tadashi, they form a superhero team unlike any other.
Now being a Disney Animation product means always being compared against a few legendary predecessors, and while this doesn’t hit the same mark, it had some great moments to go along with commonly used themes like overcoming loss of love ones, teamwork and using your gifts wisely. Definitely a fun family friendly adventure for all. I am curious to see how many more marvel comic stories will be adapted this way. I give this one 3 stars.

Review by Sean Daniel Stephens, Austin Texas
Born September 12 1989 in Killeen, Texas, Sean is a  Licensed phlebotomist, an aspiring filmmaker and film enthusiast.  “Growing up, I always had a love for films. That is how I bonded with family and friends. Along with my love for books, films helped to open up my imagination to new worlds and ideas.”

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