Kathy Griffin Says Asked to Host Fashion Police Say It Isn’t So

Kathy-Griffin-Says-Asked-to-Host-Fashion-Police-Say-It-Isnt-So-640x360Just two months ago, Joan Rivers tragically died following a cardiac arrest during a medical procedure. She left a hole in the hearts of millions who grew to love the over-sharing and boisterous voice of fashion and Hollywood. Just two short months later and E! is looking to fill the iconic role with another personality. Kathy Griffin is just someone that does not fit the shoes Joan left behind. Joan was a natural, bigger than life presence, whereas Kathy’s voice makes me wish I had earplugs and a muzzle nearby.

It makes one wonder if the famous-greedy Kathy probed about the spot. She states E! reached out to her, but that alone raises eyebrows. Her life on the D-List is pretty spot-on, and she was romantically connected to Levi Johnston. You know Bristol Palin’s ex-boyfriend?

Maybe that is judging too quickly, but it seems whatever Kathy touches does not turn into gold. It turns into abrupt endings and a moment of fame and no sustainability. I am just a viewer, one among millions, and while I do not think everyone will agree, many will. When it comes to Fashion Police, who comes to your mind? Immediately, for me, it is none other than Joan’s own daughter, Melissa Rivers. She has the same brash humor as her mother, and would become a force sitting in her mother’s chair.

Kathy did say she wasn’t sure if the “situation is correct at this time” for her, but hopes the network continues “in the spirit of Joan’s work.” Agreed.

I don’t have a personal angst against Kathy, but as a dedicated viewer of Fashion Police, I cringe thinking of hearing Kathy talking about celebrities. Joan had a way of insulting in a way that sounded like aching help, because she was Joan Rivers. It takes a unique person to spin the show in a way that is funny, smart and still draws celebrities as guest hosts. So far? A big no to Kathy and Nene Leakes.

If they can’t find a suitable host, let it go E! Joan’s fans would thank you.


Source: Viral Global

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